Contract Workers in Iraq


A U.S. Fortress Rises in Baghdad

Covering Up Embassy Contractor's Path 

Filipino Worker Recounts Escape from Iraq
‘They Forcibly Brought Me to Iraq’

Baghdad Embassy Bonanza  

Blood, Sweat and Tears at New U.S. Embassy

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Asia ’s Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq

Wounded Contractors Face Battle at Home

'Contract Meals Disaster' for Abu Ghraib Prisoners 

BLOG: Contractor Casualties and Injuries Climb 

BLOG: Gulf Catering Wins More Business

BLOG: 'Among Other Things'

Private Military Companies

Scandals Confront Military Security Industry

'Friendly Fire': Marines Jail Contractors in Iraq

Halliburton Hit with Multiple Lawsuits

Custer Battles Accused of Offshore Shell Game  

No Competition: Halliburton Bidding Portrayed as a 'Sham'


Marking Up Iraqi Police Training

Contract Quagmire in Iraq

March, 2003: Reconstructing Iraq During War

Missing Money: Where Did the Oil Revenues Go?

BLOG: The News About the Reconstruction Mess



C130J:  The Poster Child for Cost Overruns

Diminished Oversight Leads to Overpricing

Crafting Policy for Contractors on the Battlefield

NEWS: Faulting KBR in Iraq

NEWS: Poor Planning for Army Contractor in Iraq

NEWS: Pentagon Official Defends Contracting Process

NEWS: Guantanamo Contractor Scrutinized

NEWS: Unpaid Bills Threaten Food Service in Iraq

NEWS: Counting the Contractors on the Battlefield

NEWS: Citizen Soldiers Brace for Iraq Call Up

Throttling the Auditors

Boeing Scandal Part of Deeper Problems at Pentagon


Elections and Campaigns

McCain and Bush Look for Victory  

Environmental Groups Lick Election Wounds


Washington Rally Pressures for Body Armor Investigation

‘Show Me the Money’


That's Your Money  

                         Agencies Strain for Contracting Oversight

National Affairs

Journey for Prescription Drugs

Setback for Energy



Weapons of Mass Destruction: New Tools of Fear and Death

Deterrence Budget Explodes

Weapons of Mass Destruction Spread Around the Globe

The Hunt for Bin Laden 

China's Military Business Empire


Finding Victory in Impeachment Despite the Outcome

Blue Collar Workers Striking for the Middle Class

Convicts without Borders: Doing the Private Prison Shuffle

The Booming Prison Business

The Internet Makes the World Smaller and Threatens Repressive Regimes

Non-Lethal Weapons Developed for New World of Conflict



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