C130J:  The Poster Child for Cost Overruns

Diminished Oversight Leads to Overpricing

Throttling the Auditors  

Scandals Confront Military Security Industry

'Friendly Fire': Marines Jail Contractors in Iraq

Contract Meals Disaster" for Iraqi Prisoners

Halliburton Hit with Multiple Lawsuits

Custer Battles Accused of Offshore Shell Game  

No Competition: Halliburton Bidding Portrayed as a 'Sham'

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Asia ís Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq

Wounded Contractors Face Battle at Home 

Non-Lethal Weapons Developed for New World of Conflict

NEWS: Rally Presses Point Blank Body Armor Investigation

NEWS: Crafting Policy for Contractors on the Battlefield

NEWS: Faulting KBR in Iraq

NEWS: Poor Planning for Army Contractor in Iraq

NEWS: Pentagon Official Defends Contracting Process

NEWS: Guantanamo Contractor Scrutinized

NEWS: Unpaid Bills Threaten Food Service in Iraq

NEWS: Counting the Contractors on the Battlefield

NEWS: Citizen Soldiers Brace for Iraq Call Up

Boeing Scandal Part of Deeper Problems at Pentagon

BLOG: Contractor Casualties and Injuries Climb 

BLOG: Gulf Catering Wins More Business

BLOG: 'Among Other Things'









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